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leaflet distribution

leaflet distribution

What is Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet Distribution (or a Leaflet Drop) is simply a service offered by a number of companies to deliver targeted printed advertising or information items (flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, magazines, newspapers, directories) or samples, to householders. A Leaflet Distribution should form part of your company’s marketing mix, and should be considered alongside web, TV, Radio, local directory, local newspaper or magazine, or even outdoor ads.

To succeed in a Leaflet Distribution campaign, you must:

Pick a distribution company – Have you had family or friend recommendations of a particular busines? How long have they been in business? Have you seen their staff operating in your area? Perhaps you’ve used them before. This site has lists of leaflet distribution companies operating in your area.

Choose your Leaflet Distribution Methods –
This really depends on your leaflet and you – are you happy for your leaflet to be delivered through a letterbox with other items (Shareplan)? Or perhaps inside a free newspaper (Newshare)? Or would you prefer it to be on its own (Solus)? Or if you were prepared to pay more for the best results, how about sending it as unaddressed mail (e.g. Royal Mail Door To Door) or perhaps you have a clean address list that you would like to mail out to?
If you are able to, a mix of methods can be very effective.

Make sure your leaflet design has impact – don’t knock up the design in a coffee break. If you can, go for professional designing and printing. Even if your leaflet is targeted perfectly, if it’s boring or badly printed you will have wasted your money.

Incentives – if you include a voucher or similar incentive for the your potential customer, they have more of a reason to hang on to it – and you can directly measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Targeting your item – using targeting data (such as ACORN, Mosaic, TGI, Censation). This ensures you are not wasting your leaflets by delivering them to a demographic that is not likely to be interested. Trying to sell conservatories to an area mainly made up of flats is probably a waste of time, and trying to sell pay day loans to Millionaire’s Row is likewise going to be difficult!

Timing – think about the timing of your item. Seasonal periods like pre-Christmas (lots of competition), Bank Holidays (extra days of shopping available) should be considered.
Verify the Distribution - using either GPS tracking of the distributors – a service offered by a lot of leaflet distribution firms these days, or backchecking in person (i.e. knocking on doors a few days after distribution has taken place) or by telephone backchecking (phoning houses in the distribution area after the job has been completed). Backchecking can be carried out by a third-party company or indeed yourself, but is usually done by the distribution company themselves.

Flyer Distribution

A flyer is really just another term for a leaflet. However flyers tend to be single-sheet leaflets, and quite often they are handed out in the street (street marketing, also known as field marketing). They can sometimes be attached to car windscreens, or gathered together in polythene bags for distribution (the nightclub scene tends to favour this technique).

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